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Are Clay Brick Environmentally Friendly ?

We here at Namclay Brick and Pavers are serious about our environment and the impact our product might have on the environment and in the community.  Our product is natural, it’s abundant, recyclable and durable, but more important it’s waste footprint is nearly zero, it can be recycled, re-used and its fire retardant, a valuable and safe characteristics of clay bricks,  the most environment friendly of all building materials.

Nam Clay Bricks and Pavers fulfill a Eco Friendly role . . .

Apart from the environmental properties and characteristics of clay bricks, Nam Clay Bricks and Pavers also play an important role in cleaning up the environment by converting the old mine slime dam deposits into a viable vibrant and beautiful product, killing the proverbial two birds with one stone.

Community benefit

When the Uis Tin Mine shut down in 1990 due to the global price drop in the price of tin, Uis was left with wide spread unemployment and poverty and a large part of the town’s population had to resort to small scale mining of semi precious stones for a living. The slow economy and lack of sustainable business nearly turned Uis into a Ghost town.

Then the father and son team from Namclay Brick and Pavers realised the potential of the old slime dams and the possibility of turning that into a top class quality brick suitable for the coastal region with it’s high salt content, in the same time rehabilitating the mine, creating job opportunities and stimulating the town’s economy.

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