Looking for a decorative, environmentally friendly, strong and durable brick or paver for your next project?
Then we have the answer . . .
Namclay clay bricks and pavers should be your first choice.


Namclay Bricks and Pavers, started operating in Uis during 2006, when we saw the need for a locally produced brick that could withstand the harsh weather of the Namibian Coast.

Our Bricks & Pavers

We use unique processes to extract clay from old mine slime dams and use the proceeds to rehabilitate the mine and at the same time produce high strength quality bricks that are able to withstand the weather conditions of the Namibian coast.

Our bricks and pavers are suitable for all weather conditions and can be successfully used in all building conditions in Africa.

Namclay clay bricks are suitable for various applications, and because of the brick’s  strength, (maximum pressure strength of 40 Mega Pascal [MPa]) it is suitable for the erection of tall buildings with little or no re-enforced concrete structures.

Our Bricks and Pavers, are suitable for various projects, double storey buildings, houses, perimeter walls, outbuildings, drive ways, courtyard and many more.  It’s strength is your guarantee.

Since 2006

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Our bricks have been used in major building projects around the country.  The Airforce base at Karabib is a prime example where all of the buildings have been constructed with our clay bricks, not only offering an esthetically beautiful façade but also strength, low maintenance and a long lifespan.

Another project that has successfully used our clay bricks with the construction of their building is the Windhoek Gimnasium School.  This building is a beautiful well designed structure and our clay bricks give it a character of its own.  Being a school environment, our clay bricks make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

As the heading suggest, “no project is too big or too small”  we supply bricks over the whole construction and building spectrum, from the large construction companies to the small builder or paving contractors.

A large number of private residentials, government offices, businesses and offices, parking areas and runways have been build, paved and constructed with our range of clay bricks with amazing success and finesse.  Truly a versatile and quality product.

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Client Testimonials

We have bought our bricks from Namclay Bricks and Pavers in Uis when we were building our new home in Swakopmund. I can personally recommend this company. From getting the quote, up to the delivery of the bricks in Swakopmund, was handled professionally by Namclay.  The bricks are of a high quality and also give an esthetically beautiful finish to the house.

Andre Meyer

Outstanding quality,  delivery was on time, broken or cracked bricks was minimal.  My impression is that the bricks are of a exceptionally high quality and the rich brown colours really produce a beautiful looking building.  What really impresses the most is the high strength of the bricks, in excess of 40 MPa making it suitable for tall buildings with little of even no re-enforcing by concrete.  We will make use of Namclay Bricks again with our other projects.

Gerrit van Niekerk

From our viewpoint, the people at Namclay Bricks and Pavers are top notch, they are not only good business partners but professional people with a welcoming attitude and easy to develop a good friendship with. In today’s business environment that is rare, as one do not always have the time to develop relationships with the people you are in business with.  Sales, deliveries, after sale service and support for there bricks and pavers made stocking and selling the product a breeze, well done guys.




Uis, Namibia

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